Today is May 1st, which also means that hundreds of students will be committing to Bentley University to continue their education. They are committing to being a Falcon and displaying Bentley pride throughout this next endeavor in their life.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Class of 2018! These next four years will be the quickest but BEST years of your life! Get ready to immerse yourself in everything that Bentley has to offer. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and to try new things. Remember: everyone is in the same boat as you and you’re all a little nervous! To quote Frozen, “let it go!”

Take a class you normally wouldn’t take (and don’t let the 8:30am start time deter you away from it). Join a student organization to meet new people. Go to Super Bingo. Eat nugget night as many times as you can, because you may not think you will, but you’ll miss it when you graduate. Go sit out on the Greenspace and do your homework. Apply to be an Orientation Leader. Make connections with Professors. In essence - just do everything you can.

As a graduating senior, I leave this school with amazing memories, friends, an invaluable education, and ready for the next step in my life. I cannot wait to come back as an Alumni and see all of the wonderful things you are doing!

This winter was one of the worst I’ve experienced as a Bostonian! As the sunshine has been poking through the clouds during the last few weeks and temperatures are out of the 40’s, the campus has an entirely different vibe. It is so nice to see students walking around without coats on, and not running from class to class because it’s too cold out. When the sun is shining, here is what you can expect to see students doing:

1. Sit outside of the library between classes: In front of the library there are park benches along with picnic-style tables. With the break between classes, students often congregate around these to meet up with friends, have a quick chat before class, or spend a few minutes purely enjoying the weather.

2. Eat outside of LaCava: The LaCava Dining Hall also has picnic tables outside for students to eat, and once it gets warm they are buzzing with conversations and laughs.

3. Activities on the Green Space: Watch out for flying discs! The Ultimate Frisbee Team is out in full force playing on the Green Space, and other places on campus. Also on the Green Space you can expect to see students doing homework, playing Kan-Jam, or just hanging out with friends after a long day of class.

Spring is simply the best time of year on the Bentley campus and I cannot believe this is my last one. I can guarantee I will be doing all of these things multiple times before graduation comes!image

The Bentley University Women’s Basketball team is playing TONIGHT for a chance to make it to the Elite 8 competition in Pennsylvania. Tonight, the undefeated (31-0) team will be playing LIU Post in hopes of staying undefeated. This is the 4th straight year, and 20th time in the last 27 years, that the Women’s Basketball team has played in the NCAA Division II East Regional Championships.

The game is tonight at 7:00 in the Dana Center and you can bet Bentley students will be there with incredible energy and spirit to cheer on these girls. Watch this video, courtesy of BentleySA, to get pumped up. Good luck tonight laides!

Having an internship is one of the most important experiences to have during college. At Bentley, 90% of students do an internship and 60% of those students do more than one! I’ve had the pleasure of completing three internships over the last four years that have all been very different. Through them, I was able to find the path I want to take for my career.

I started my first internship during the Spring semester of my Sophomore year with a global speakers bureau. Doing a sales and marketing hybrid internship allowed me the opportunity to work with high-profile clients and also do creative work on the back end. My second internship was the summer going into my Junior year with a multi-location golf facility where I devised and implemented a complete marketing plan for the company. 

My final internship began during the summer going into my junior year with Stride Rite Children’s Group, a Division of Wolverine Worldwide. WWW also owns the brands Keds, Sperry Top-Sider, and Saucony. I was the ‘Retail Marketing Intern’ and worked with the direct-to-consumer team on consumer facing projects. This internship also allowed for a unique experience of working with all of the 30 interns in the company on a group project, which was then presented to the President of each brand.  The presentation was about our target consumer and recommendations for how to better reach them in the future.

After my summer there was finished, I was lucky enough for them to ask me to stay on for the next semester in school. During the fall semester, I was asked to stay on for the next spring semester. Right before heading home for Christmas break, I was offered a full-time position as the Email Marketing Specialist, to begin after graduation.

I am very proud to say Bentley University has helped me find my calling in the marketing industry. I would not have known about Stride Rite had it not been for the career fair, and I can attribute my success in the company to all of the wonderful lessons and workshops that Career Services offers and the tools learned in the classroom.

Bentley proudly boasts over 150 clubs and organizations, 9 club sports, and 10 intramural sports for students to choose from. With endless possibilities, it’s important to figure out which activity will suit your needs and schedule best. One club I have seen increasingly bloom during my time here is the Ultimate Frisbee club sport! 3 out of 4 of my roommates are on the team and I can’t even count how many other friends I have playing! Because it is so up and coming, I thought it would be fun to get the real scoop on why this sport is gaining popularity.

Bentley Ultimate Frisbee (BUS) has two teams – men and women. The men’s team currently has about 50-60 members while the women’s team has between 30 and 40. Both teams compete around the northeast and even travel as far as New Jersey and New York. BUS is a Division III sport where they play schools from the area including Stonehill, Tufts, Yale, BC, BU and MIT. Last year, each team traveled to the DII National Tournament in Wisconsin! So far this year, the men have won the Stonehill ‘Get Skyy’d’ tournament, while the women have gone 4-0 at their first tournament at Wellesley.

Students get involved in club sports if they were an athlete in high school, or have a passion for sports, but aren’t ready to make the varsity commitment during college. The president of the women’s team, Sydney Southern, said that Frisbee has been everything she was looking for in terms of commitment, teamwork, and staying active. The friendships formed on the team are unparalleled and some of the best formed during college.

While this is just one club sport, Bentley’s other activities share many of the same aspects. It is easy to see why club and intramural sports attract participation from over 40% of the University’s student population. Watch out for flying Frisbees around campus, they’re everywhere!


When you hear the words ‘college student’ you may think of someone who goes to class, does their homework, and that is all. At Bentley, we are much more than that – we are leaders, student workers, interns, athletes, and tutors… the list goes on and on. Joining organizations, teams, and making connections is the key to a successful and fulfilled college experience. However, it does become a balancing act.

Being a senior, I have been actively involved throughout my four years and couldn’t be happier. Freshman year, I was very overwhelmed by the options that Bentley provided to students – over 150 clubs and organizations was a lot to choose from! I started my involvement as an Orientation Leader.  From there, more doors opened as I became the Vice President of Her Campus Bentley and a job in the admission office.

Now in my final year, I have filled up my schedule with my role as an Admission Fellow, a First Year Seminar Peer Facilitator, a member of Her Campus Bentley, and the marketing intern at Stride Rite Children’s Group, all while taking 5 classes. While finding personal time can become a challenge, I have succeeded at the art of ‘time management’.

I encourage all students to get involved! These four years will be the fastest of your life – and they’ll be best spent not just as a student, but as an active member of the Bentley community.


                The question I get asked more than any other is ‘why did you choose Bentley?’ It takes me a second to think back into my high school senior mindset and figure out how I chose Bentley out of the many other universities I applied to. Then it hits me… how could I NOT have chosen Bentley? Bentley is the university that my older sister graduated from, and since she has been my role model throughout my life, I obviously had to check the school out. I knew from high school that I wanted to go into business, specifically marketing, so I read up about the marketing program at Bentley University. I was intrigued by all of the different classes I would be able to take: Advertising, B2B Marketing, New Product Development - the opportunities in course selection were endless!

                Going to a school with an active social life was important to me as well. Coming from a high school of 4,200 students meant that I had A LOT of school spirit and enjoyed the company of others. When I came for a tour, I was quickly blown away by how many students I saw wearing Bentley gear! It was clear that this was a school where students enjoyed being involved, and they had the chance to get involved in any one of Bentley’s 150 clubs or organizations. I knew there would be a place for me here.

                When I got my acceptance to Bentley, I didn’t struggle with the decision of whether I should come, not even for a second. I had the initial gut feeling (and some tears and jumping to go along with it) that it was the perfect school for me to attend. My fate was sealed.

                Every time I think back on the reasons I chose Bentley, I know that I could not have picked a better fit for me. Throughout my time here I’ve figured out what really appealed to me: the opportunities available. Between a massive course selection, over 100 clubs, on-campus jobs, career services, academic advising - there is ample opportunity to succeed and get involved as long as you take advantage of it. And, boy am I glad that I took advantage of everything.